The Ladies' Tea Guild

Our First Quarter of Tea Events in 2008

Storytelling and a Strawberry Tea

In March, we all bravely traveled to Lehigh Acres to my home for tea. I hope everyone feels that Lehigh isn't "too" far out of their scope now! We had cold strawberry soup, mini asparagus quiche, and strawberry cheese, ham cream cheese, and strawberry chicken salad sandwiches. The second course was strawberry scones, followed by fresh plain and chocolate-covered Plant City strawberries, strawberry macaroons, strawberry-lemon tarts, and strawberry chocolate squares, served with Strawberry Silk black tea. Mary Lou Williams gave us a fabulous performance of her fractured Fairy Tales: The ladies were all so enthusiastic about Mary Lou's storytelling, that we decided on the spot to definitely have her for more storytelling at future events.

A special "Thank You" to Mary Lou Williams, who greatly entertained us at the March Tea with the storytelling of her Fractured Fairy Tales. Amidst bursts of frequent laughter, we watched Mary Lou with rapt attention as she gave us her renditions of Kermit The Frog Prince, the Princess and the Pea that Felt Like a Bowling Ball, and The Fisherman and His Wife, Updated. We look forward to hearing more of Mary Lou's storytelling soon