The Art of Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen
Despite the fame of writer Jane Austen, precious little detail is known about her private life. The only image of her in existence is an amateur portrait by her sister.

There is a mystery about Jane Austen: why is she still so popular after 2oo Years? One of the reasons is the dynamic between the hero and the heroine in each of her six novels. This dynamic is entirely different in each novel. All her books are about courtship, but within this context she never repeats herself. She creates great characters, not only in her heroes and heroines, but in her subordinate characters as well. Her characters reveal themselves through dialogue, which makes the novels eminently adaptable to stage and screen. She is famous for her style and the architecture of her plots. She creates great scenes. We will explore these aspects of her art in her most famous novel Pride and Prejudice and see some of the most famous scenes from the 1995 BBC adaptation of that novel.


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